Are You Ready for a Showing – Selling Your Home

When selling your home keeping the house in order for showings is a challenge.  Here are a few tips we learned and used earlier this year when I had my own house of the market for sale.

First, before going to bed pick up any clothes that are lying around.  That includes fresh laundry or dirty clothes.  This eliminates a chore the following morning – no folding, hanging up, etc.  Additionally, while speaking of clothes, no one wants to see your dirty laundry.  If dirty clothes do not go in a hamper, then there should be a clothes basket for them.  Drape a towel over the basket, so clothing is not visible.  Laundry does not belong on a closet floor.

Second, clean the kitchen immediately after a meal.  During the day dirty dishes go the dishwasher, if it does not fit or not dishwasher safe – wash and put away.  Clean all surfaces – countertops, stove, refrigerator door – after doing the dishes.  Also spray an odor eliminator such as Oust – no one wants to know what you had for dinner the next day.

Third, depending on your family and schedule run the vacuum every Monday and Friday…you start the week and week-end ready for home-buyers to stop in.  Remember is you have pets you may need to vacuum more often.

Fourth, is the bathroom.  Recommend purchasing one set of new towels for each bath room.  These are for show and not use…let your family know they are not to be used.  Fold the towels nicely and have them ready to be put out when a home-buyer is coming. If you have small children put all the plastic ducks and other bath toys away each morning.

Fifth is the kids rooms.  Explain while the house is on the market for sale, their help will be needed with their rooms.  Give them a specific list of things to do – make the bed every morning, pick up their clothes every night, etc.  Remind them often of what is needed and offer them incentives to help.  Maybe a used video game or movie tickets.  You know your child and what will work.

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