Steps to Buying a Home

Step By Step to Buying Your New Home…


1. Choose your real estate professional.  The first step is choosing a buyer’s agent to represent you in the home buying process. You want someone to look out for you; someone that will keep you up to date on homes for sale; someone with experience that will explain the home buying process and answer your questions.

 2. Outline what you want.  The next step in home buying is to create a realistic idea of the property you’d like to buy. What features are most important to you?  Make two lists: one of items you can’t live without and one of the features you would enjoy.  Refine the lists as you house-hunt.  It is also helpful to search online to see what is currently available on the market.  We look forward to showing you homes that meet your expectations.

 3. Choose a lender.   Next you will want to find a loan officer that has competitive rates and will do what they say.  In today’s changing mortgage market having a lender with funds for closing is as important as the interest rate you get.  You will want a lender that has numerous loan programs and reasonable closing costs.

 4. Apply for a loan.  A lender can pre-approve your loan within 72 hours of applying with today’s technology.  By knowing what you can spend and what the monthly payments will be, now you can search for homes that are a financial fit.  Also, having your loan in place when making an offer on a house will make your offer stronger.

 5. Visit properties.  Now you’re ready to tour houses that are currently available.  We will arrange a time to see to the homes that are of interest. Together we will keep track of the properties you’ve seen. Each time you venture out to see more properties, revisit your notes to immediately eliminate any that clearly do not meet your requirements.

 6. Know the features that help or hurt resale.  In some areas, a swimming pool actually detracts from a home’s value and makes it harder to sell. In neighborhoods with two-car, attached garages, a single-car or detached garage may affect the home buying prospects and future value.  We will point out features that hurt, and those that help, resale value.

 7. Rate the houses you tour.  After touring each home, write down what you liked and didn’t like. Develop a rating system that will help narrow the home buying field. For example, pick the house you like best on day one and compare all other houses to it. When you find a better one, use the new favorite as the standard.

 8. Make an offer.  Once you have pinpointed your dream house, it’s time to get serious and make an offer – the contract side of the purchase. We will guide you through making the offer and negotiating the contract. Because you and the seller have different goals, let our experience and expertise bring order and calm to the process and help both parties reach a favorable outcome.

 9. Arrange for inspections.   After your offer is accepted, we will help you set up the inspections so you know the details of the home. It is common to find some minor problems, such as a small leak in the roof, a window that won’t open or a furnace that should be serviced – things that in most cases can be easily fixed.  We will guide you in what to ask a seller to repair and what you may want to take care of – or, in rare cases, advise you to walk away if a serious problem is found.

10. Close.  Before your closing date, make sure you’ve made all necessary deposits and completed the paperwork – including mortgage, title, homeowner’s insurance and any other paperwork required by local or state governments when buying a home.  We will be there to help you complete that closing checklist and avoid any last-minute snags.  You deserve to enjoy every moment of the home buying process and we look forward to helping you!If you’re looking at homes for sale in metro Atlanta, let Ben Staten and Kathy Seger be your real estate experts!  We’ll give you the basics of the home buying process and make sure you are familiar with the areas that are of interest to you.  As long-time residents of metro Atlanta, we know which areas are best for your circumstances, whether you are searching in-town for a condo or townhome or in the surrounding areas such as Woodstock, Alpharetta, Milton, Roswell, Marietta or other cities.

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