Do You Qualify For A Short Sale?

In order to qualify for a short sale, you must have an acceptable and demonstrable “hardship”. A hardship is something that negatively affects your ability to pay your mortgage now or in the future. In fact, in most cases you will have to submit a signed letter with supporting documentation to the mortgage company specifying your hardship.

Types of Hardship


A good definition of hardship is a material change in a homeowner(s) situation affecting your ability to make your mortgage payment.  Examples of acceptable hardships are as follows:

  • Income reduction
  • Loss of job
  • Business failure
  • Relocation
  • Military service
  • Payment increase or mortgage adjustment
  • Damage to the home
  • Divorce
  • Severe illness
  • Death of wage earner, spouse or non-wage earner resident
  • Inheritance

Bottom line, if because of one or more of the above instances, you have exhausted your liquid assets and can no longer make your payments, you could qualify for a short sale with your mortgage company.

Next, we’ll get into the topic of Reasons To Avoid Foreclosure, digging deeper into the pros and cons of each.

Contact us to get a free, no hassle, consultation to discuss and explore your options, we are just a call – 404-323-0049 or email away.  Remember, a short sale is a dignified and effective solution to avoid foreclosure and the damage it can do to you financially and emotionally. And with our extensive training as a Distressed PropertyExpert and successful track record selling short sale homes, we can help you too!

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