Photo Diary of SnowJam 2014 in Metro Atlanta (Part 1)

Those of you not in Atlanta no doubt saw the horrible traffic on the major Interstates and we don’t intend to sugarcoat how terrible the event was for adults and schoolchildren trapped on the roads for 24 hours or more.

It got rough mid-afternoon day 1

It got rough mid-afternoon day 2

Street snow mostly burned off by day 2

Street snow mostly burned off by day 2

Now we are looking at SnowJam 2014 Part 2 and hoping things will be different this time. Fortunately, this event so far appears to be a more typical winter event that we get every few years but not every year. By typical, I mean that the snow was predicted to start early in the day and therefore most schools are already closed for the next two days. Further, many workers are working from home and not venturing out (us included). So this event is very unlikely to cause the problems we had a couple of weeks ago.

Back to normal day 3

Back to normal day 3

Not to minimize SnowJam 1 but if you were able to get home in a timely fashion, it was mostly a non-event.  And unlike what you saw on the national news, most roads were clearing the second day and we were able to safely get around town by day three.  Throughout this post shows you the progression of the snow and melt-off.

So if you are out and about today, get home, be safe and enjoy some time with your family.

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