6 Tips for Purchasing A New Construction Home

After working with clients purchasing new construction homes for many years, these six tips should be helpful and informative.

  • The builder’s sales agent represents the builder only, not you. On-site agents who work for builders are usually great people. They are happy to show you their community’s selling points and options. However at the end of the day, the on-site agent’s job is to make a sale and watch out for their builder’s interests.
  • We know when you can negotiate with a builder.  While most builders in our market do not negotiate, our experience in these communities gives us an edge. We know if there are incentives or changes the builder will make at no additional charge.
  • We consider your investment and the home’s resale potential.  Builder’s sales agents are primarily focused on the sale at hand and may be tempted to nudge you toward a home or lot that they need to move. We on the other hand, have your long term interest in mind. After all, we want your referrals and you may even want us to sell the home someday.
  • We help you understand the contract. Most builders’ sales contracts are lengthy and likely to have some confusing wording.  We make sure you understand the essence of your contract before you sign it and potentially avoid costly mistakes.  Additionally, there are times when adding a stipulation or contingency to the contract is needed for your protection.
  • We watch over your home during construction. When building a new home, it is a good idea to keep an eye on the progress. This is often easier said than done even if you are local, much less out of state. We check your home as needed for you so you know what is going on. Additionally, there are periodic meetings for design selection and with the builder. We will make every effort to attend. Our experience in the home building process is invaluable in making this as low-stress as possible for you so that you can focus on the other aspects of your move.
  • Going it alone.  Maybe you still are not convinced that you need a buyer’s agent. Consider when you walk into a sale’s office, you do not know the on-site agent’s level of experience, are they licensed, or even a sales agent….the person you meet could be a host there to greet you but with no ability to answer your questions.


It should comfort you to know we have decades of experience and will be on your side to make the building experience exciting and enjoyable. Call or email us today to get us started working for you.

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