Another Happy HomeBuyer | Moving from Hawaii

Autumn Woods Home for Sale Kennesaw GAJust sold a home to a family relocating from Hawaii.  They are very excited about their new home in Kennesaw and being back in the states.  The family choose a 4 bedroom traditional home in West Cobb in a wonderful swim community.  The home has a finished basement including a bedroom and bath for family and friends to visit…they said there will be lots of guest and I suspect they are correct after being gone for 4 years.{[}]{[}]The kids are excited about their new schools and tryouts for cheer teams.  They are also thrilled with the ping-pong table the seller is leaving.  There is plenty of room for the dogs to roam outside another important feature of the home.{[}]{[}]We wish them the best in their new home, new jobs, cheer team tryouts and other endeavors.

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