Consignment Stores Great Resource for Active Adult Buyers and Sellers

Consignment stores can be a great resource for Active Adult buyers and sellers. Active Adult sellers can use consignment stores as a way to dispose of useful and good furniture they will not need in their next home.  Consignment stores will also take lighting fixtures and lamps, rugs, and decorative items.  A homeowner can feel good that another family will find their beloved kitchen table useful and enjoyed.  Additionally, the seller will make some money to use in their new home.  Sellers will want to check out a few consignment stores to see what the consignment store charges for selling items and will the store dispose of the item if it does not sale.

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A great way for an Active Adult buyer to furnish a home is consignment stores.  A buyer can find furniture, art, lighting, and rugs at most consignment stores.   The buyer can find classic and slightly used items at a reduced price for their new home.  It’s a fun way to shop and learn the area all at the same time.  Consignment stores will differ from location to location.  Some will focus on classic furnishings while others will tend towards what is in the market place.  Weather you are looking to furnish a guest room or add to a family room, a consignment store is an option for shopping.

A recently opened consignment store is Whiskey Creek Consignments.  Located at 4401 Shallowford Rd. Suite 170, Roswell, the store is at Shallowford Road and Johnson Ferry Road in East Cobb.  Whiskey Creek Consignment had some lovely pieces for sale and space for additional items to sale.

Other Area Consignment Stores:


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