Home Buying Process for an Active Adult Home

Home Buying  Process

  • Meet with your agent to discuss wants, needs, and timeline
  • Meet with Lender to get pre-qualified (if applicable)
  • Enter into a Buyer’s Agency Agreement
  • View homes – both online and in person
  • Select your home
  • Listen to your agent’s advice on how to present the best offer to get this home
  • Write an offer and submit earnest money
  • Negotiate any counter-offers
  • Make formal loan application or provide proof of funds if paying cash
  • Have a home inspection
  • Negotiate any repairs with seller
  • Complete loan process and order appraisal (lender will do this)
  • Loan package submitted to underwriting (lender)
  • Loan approval
  • Title search and commitment (attorney)
  • Call and arrange for utilities to be transferred
  • Review Closing Documents
  • Wire necessary funds to closing attorney
  • Closing

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