Selling Your Home During the Holidays

The holiday season is quickly approaching and we are once again advising sellers the dos and don’ts for the holiday season.  Thanksgiving is a national holiday and a perfect time to showcase your pumpkins and turkeys.  Feel free to add them to your home decor and decorate your table.   Add a festive  wreath to the door.  The important thing to remember is a home buyer comes to see your home not your decorations.

Christmas is another story completely since it is a religious holiday.  Start with the idea that everyone does not do the same for the holidays and some people do not celebrate Christmas at all.  Again homebuyers come to see your home not your decorations so if your home is for sale this year, keep the Christmas decorations to a minimum.  Yes, you can have a tree however smaller is better and placed wisely in your home.  Keep present put away until just before the big day.  Decorate only a few rooms and not the entire house.  Be respectful of the home buyer coming to see your home.

If you celebrate Chanukah or Kwanza the same rules would apply.  One of the positives of the holidays is all the great smells of cooking that will fill your home.  They can be a real turn on.

Another challenge during the holidays is having the home ready to show while the grandkids are off for the holidays and the house full of relatives.  At the beginning of the season, remind everyone you will need their help.  Although it may be an inconvenience to you and your houseguest when a home buyer wants to see the house on Dec. 22, the buyer looking at that time of year is serious.  Have a contingency plan ready for the short notice showing – a trip to McDonald’s or a walk at the park.  Let the REALTOR showing the house know that you are thrilled they are showing the home; and you will tidy up as much as possible before leaving.  Remember to turn on the lights as you go and have a wonderful holiday season.

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