Shiny Brass is Out, Time to Make Some Hardware Changes

Eliminate Shiny Brass

{[}]If you have a 20 year old home more than likely you have some shiny brass throughout your home.   It may be the frontBrass Chandelier door handle, dining room fixture, or bathroom shower doors.  All of these items are something a buyer does not want to see when purchasing a home so you may want to make some changes.{[}]

Buyers Make Instant Decisions

{[}]Within a minute of walking in a home, a buyer determines if the property is of interest.  Eliminate those shiny brass turn offs before the buyer eliminates your home.  Change out the front door handle and remove the brass door knocker with your name on it.  If there is a brass kick plate that goes also, your front door will probably need a coat of paint or stain now.  Remember the front porch lights.  If you need to replace find something in the same finish as the front door handle and similar size to existing lights.  Now the buyer is welcomed to your home with a fresh warm and inviting entrance.{[}]

Update with New Finish

{[}]Foyer and Dining Rooms lights need to be updated if you still have brass.  Find simple fixtures that are tasteful and fit to scale as replacements.  You can choose from brush nickel to black copper in finishes.  An inexpensive way to replace the fixtures is to shop lighting store sales and close outs, sales at the big box stores – Lowes and Home Depot, plus consignment stores.  Buyers will be wowed by updated lighting.{[}]

Bathrooms Sales Homes

{[}]Do your bathrooms have brass fixtures – lights, faucets, and shower doors?  It’s time to make a change.  Choose a finish that compliments the room.  Start in the closeout section of the store….find showers doors on sale or slightly damaged.  Maybe go with the new frameless.  After finding the shower door, find faucets and lights that match.  Replacing a brass shower door will make a big difference in a bathroom’s appeal.   Remember bathrooms sell homes.{[}]{[}] {[}]{[}]If you are making changes in your home, we can provide a Lowes coupon for 10% off of your purchase.  Contact us for your FREE  Lowes coupon.

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