Woodstock GA City Hall Moving Back Downtown

history of Woodstock GA as shown on downtown muralWoodstock GA is bringing City Hall back downtown once again as the city is ready to host the City Council chambers at the newly named The Chambers at City Center. {[}]{[}]Juanita Hicks writes a colorful history of the various moves undertaken for City Hall throughout the years for the Cherokee Tribune. It’s not too surprising that there have been numerous moves as Woodstock has grown from a sleepy outpost of 870 in 1970 to be ranked by Forbes as the 10th fastest growing suburb in the US in 2007.{[}]{[}]The entire City Hall complex will be named City Center with the old Woodstock Baptist Church as the visual anchor.  The city plans to move more offices back downtown long-term into the complex, a good move to keep downtown vibrant.

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