3 Reasons Why It’s Time To Sell Your Atlanta Home

Woodstock Home for SaleToday we are going to give you three reasons why it is a good time to sell your home.  First, spring is just around the corner and historically the best time of year to sell a home.  So what constitutes spring?  Is it the calendar …the months of March and April?  Spring market, with committed buyers that start researching and viewing homes, is when the weather starts to improve with warmer temperatures, blooming plants and a need to get out.  It can be from late February to April.  It seems to be somewhat temperature driven…nice weather inspires folks to get out and look for homes.  It may be “cabin fever”.{[}]{[}]The second reason it’s time to sell your house now is improving market conditions.  Values are rising, today’s seller is getting more for his home than he would have a year ago.  Due to a lack of inventory…there are more buyers in some cases than homes…a seller can ask a little more for the home.  An important part of the rising value is not going overboard, remember the buyer’s lender will require an appraisal for value.  If the home does not appraise the buyer could walk away.  At the present time in many parts of Atlanta, homes are selling within 45 days of going on the market.{[}]{[}]Third reason to sell a home now is lenders are making loans and buyers can get mortgages.  A buyer with some money to put down and reasonable credit can get a loan despite what the media says.  Interest rates are still below 5% making it easy to qualify for a loan.  In fact, at 5% a $100,000 in mortgage money cost only $537 per month.  If you are thinking of selling your Atlanta home, you now have three good reasons.

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