3 Tips for Packing When You Sell Your Home

Moving can be exciting and stressful.  Here are three easy tips to take some of the stress out of the move.  These are ideas from clients and personal experience in my last move several years ago.{[}]{[}]Tip #1 – Although you are selling your home, you are probably purchasing something on the other end.  Remember you are going to need all your personal financial information for the new loan.  Anything you have as hard copies meaning paper does not need to be packed.  Our suggestion find your largest suitcase and put all your bank statements,Moving to Woodstock tax returns, pay stubs, etc. in this rolling file cabinet.  If the lender ask for an item and you send it to them – put it in the suitcase. Ask your loan officer at the very beginning to provide you with a list of items that will be needed – put them in the suitcase.  If an item on the list reminds you for something else – put it in the suitcase.  Be prepared with your rolling file cabinet.{[}]{[}]Tip #2 – You know the old adage about the half full glass, it should pertain to packed boxes.  When the box is 1/2 full can you easily pick it up or is it too heavy?  If it is heavy fill the rest of the box with light weight items.  Use linens as fillers in boxes that items can break or get dinged.  Sweaters and t-shirts also make great filler plus keep the weight down in the box. {[}]{[}]Tip #3 – When wrapping dishes, pots and pans, heirloom use the plain wrapping paper you find in stores.  It may cost a little more however when you take it out of the box and unwrap, you will be able to put away the item rather than wash if you used newspaper.  If you would like a coupon for 10% at Lowe’s for wrapping paper just send us an email at info@RedHotAtlantaHomes.com with a message about the coupon.  We will get it out to you immediately.{[}]{[}]Know we mentioned three tips in the title of this message, however we also found this most useful.  As you are planning your move watch for moving vans in your neighborhood.  See one un-loading, stop and welcome the folks moving in then offer to  take a few boxes off their hands.  It’s a great way to recycle.{[}]{[}] {[}]{[}] {[}]{[}] 

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