Tips To Make Your Home Saleable

Every seller wants to sell their home quickly so buyers are not wandering through and disrupting the household. Here are five simple tips to make your home saleable.

#1 – Make sure the buyer is excited when they drive up to your house. Is the driveway clean and free of distractions and hazards? Is the grass mowed and shrubs trimmed? Is the entrance to your home inviting and welcoming? Wash the front door and paint if necessary. Invest in a new door mat, keep it simple.

#2 – Everyone wants more closet space so maximize your closets. Linen closets are for linens only – remember to color coordinate and fold them nicely. Clothes closets need to be neat and tidy – group like items in your closet (shirts, pants, skirts, etc.). Put shoes in boxes but not on the floor.   If your closet is full remove items and store. Organize the pantry.

#3 – Clean bathrooms are a must in selling your home. Polish the fixtures, re-grout the tub and shower, scrub the tile and glass. Also add some new plush towels and floor mats for a spa feel.  Replace shower liners and shower curtains.  Make everything shine and sparkle.

#4 – Kitchens are the hub of every home so make sure you are displaying all the attributes of your kitchen to your best advantage. Show off the counter top space and remove all the clutter. Clean the appliances- no one wants to see your dirty oven. Tidy your cabinets and get rid of all the items you no longer use. A light scented candle is a nice addition along with some fresh flowers.

#5 – Those pieces of furniture that have lived a good life and have seen a better day need to be removed. If they are gently used then donate. If they are past their prime, have a trash service take. You want a buyer to take a good look at your home…room sizes, floor plan and storage space, not your old furniture that reminds them of their grandmother.

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