Active Adult Communities in Atlanta – Age Targeted and Age Restricted

You may have being asking what is the difference in an Active Adult community that is “age-targeted” and “age-restricted”? Active adults often look for a neighborhood that provides a healthy and social environment and both of these types of communities do exactly that.{[}]

Age-Restricted Community

{[}]The majority of age-restricted communities require at least one resident within the home to be over the age of 55. Age-restricted communities are made up of people within a similar age group, and Actvie Adult Clientsmay allow underage guests to visit on a temporary basis based on rules and limitations. When the grandkids come to visit, they need to be accompanied by a resident from the community to be able to participate in activities or use the amenities. Age-restricted communities allow residents to be able to enjoy their calm and quiet surroundings without having to worry about living next to teenagers or young children.{[}]

Age-Targeted Community

{[}]Age targeted communities have no age-restriction regarding who can live in the community, although they cater to the lifestyle of active adults and retirees. These communities offer one level homes with minimal yards. Homes may have optional bonus \/loft space or a basement. Low maintenance homes and yard maintenance is offered also. Age targeted communities have clubhouses with gathering spaces for the residents and plenty of activities that help active adults and retirees stay engaged..

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