Alpharetta City Center and Prospect Park Updates

Alpharetta City Center renderingThere was more news in Alpharetta GA last week that will greatly shape the look of the city both short-term and long-term.{[}]{[}]First up, Alpharetta officials held the last of four scheduled public meetings to discuss the conceptual plan for Alpharetta City Center. According to the Alpharetta Patch, the final meeting included a review of public comments to date.  According to Eric Bosman of Urban Collage, the group charged with developing the City Center master plan for Alpharetta, there is a general feeling that some of the structures, most specifically the new City Hall Alpharetta GA Prospect Park Westside Pkwy entrance{[}]{[}]and the parking deck, should be scaled back a bit. There is also a general feeling that the “village” should be of traditional architecture and consist of red brick.{[}]{[}]While no more public meetings have been scheduled, it is widely anticipated that there will be more meetings in the near future, particularly before the bond vote takes place.{[}]{[}]For more on the process of developing Alpharetta City Center and to see the latest renderings, read these articles:{[}]

{[}]In other news, Prospect Park on Haynes Bridge Road, did indeed close with a new owner, North American Properties (NAP). According to the AJC, the massive development will be scaled back from the initial concept laid out by Stan Thomas, the previous owner prior to his company filing for bankruptcy. NAP spokesman —– has indicated that the company will encourage public input for their project, stating that they have received inquiries from a theater chain and a whole grocer{[}]{[}]You can read more here about the future of Prospect Park.{[}]{[}]We’ll be watching closely as more information on these important changes to the face of Alpharetta take more shape and will keep you up to date here.{[}]{[}] 

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