ZZZ Alpharetta Fire Stations Have Open House for Public

OK, true confession here, I’m a kid at heart!  So for those young or young at heart, Alpharetta is opening the doors to three fire stations. The open house event will be on January 14 and will run from 11am to 2pm at these locations:{[}]{[}]Station 1: 2970 Webb Bridge Road{[}]{[}]fire trucks in alpharetta{[}]{[}]Station 2: 9600 Westside Parkway{[}]{[}]Station 3: 1475 Mid Broadwell Road{[}]{[}]According to The Patch, local residents and guests are invited to tour the stations, check out the equipment and speak to local firefighters.  And parents, bring a camera and take pictures of your children enjoying the sights and sounds of the fire stations, the firefighters and the really big fire engines.

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