Blue Because Your Home Did Not Sell in 2013?

When a home does not sell, it could be for many reasons. Price, location, or maybe blue could the reason. One of the things I have learned in my many years as a REALTOR –  buyers do not want blue homes. If your home is painted blue or has blue trim, change it to a neutral. A blue home may stand out for giving directions….”it’s the blue house on the left”; however, buyers just see a home they do not like.  Blue homes are also seen as being old. No matter what you have done on the inside, the exterior blue will stop many buyers from looking at your home.{[}]{[}]

Kitchen before painting
{[}]{[}]And if you have blue rooms in your home, think about what shade of blue it is. Is it a Cape Cod blue or a sea-foam blue? Many medium to darker shades of blue are out of date, thus reminding buyers the house is older. Buyers are also concerned about painting over darker shades of blue that are used in children’s rooms. Can you find the blues in your home in a Pottery Barn catalog?  If not then the paint color needs to be changed.{[}]{[}]If you are a fan of blue, look at some of the greys with blue undertones; these colors are very popular right now and could satisfy both your taste and your future homebuyers’ taste as well.{[}]{[}]Here’s a great example of a blue room and the effect it has on buyers. Recently we had a large estate home for sale that had blue kitchen walls. Before we listed the home we tried to persuade the sellers to paint the kitchen to no avail; no go, the wife loved her Colonial blue kitchen and did not want to repaint, even though their intentions were clearly to sell their home.{[}]{[}]
Kitchen after painting
{[}]{[}]Once the home went on the market, every buyer that saw the home thought that the room needed to be gutted and redone. Eventually the sellers agreed to paint the walls a neutral color and we had the home under contract within 70 days, pretty quick in this price range and market.  Even before the home went under contract, the remarks about the kitchen needing to be gutted stopped. The eventual buyers anticipated changing a few items in the kitchen but not totally renovating as we had heard previously. Before the room was painted, the first thing buyers saw when they walked in the room was a blue wall; they did not see the numerous cherry cabinets or 20 feet of countertops. After closing the sellers told us that week-end of painting the kitchen was probably the best investment they had made in getting the home sold.{[}]{[}] 

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