Construction Starts on I-575 Ridgewalk Interchange

Work has begun on the long-awaited Ridgewalk Interchange off I-575  in Woodstock GA.  Clearing for the relocation of Rope Mill Road and the southbound entrance ramp to I-575 recently started.  Construction in this Ridgewalk Interchange Construction Woodstockstage will include the sound barrier construction, relocation of some streets, and construction company areas.   All work is to be completed by the end of 2012.{[}]{[}]The new interchange should bring new life to commercial and residential development in the Ridgewalk area of Woodstock, which now includes only residential development.  CW Matthews is the construction builder for the project.{[}]{[}]Per the City of Woodstock, ” no adverse impact to the Ridgewalk Site Plan flow of traffic in the area at this time except for rare times when there are logging trucks in the area or equipment is being unloaded and loaded”.  Olde Rope Mill Park is to be open during construction also.  Next up…..additional clearing, laying of storm pipe for the creek running under the relocated Rope Mill Road and then the start of grading for the relocation of Rope Mill Road

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