Dressing the Master Bedroom for Selling a House

Today’s homebuyers are all about luxury and space for the master bedroom when it comes to purchasing  home.  A Bedrooms Sale Homesplace where can they retreat after a busy day and recharge.   They enjoy looking a magazines with luxurious master suites and dream so you want to create that dream if you are selling your homes.   Start with the furniture is it a timeless set of furniture or is it hand me downs and un-matching.  If it is furniture set fantastic build a room around the style.  If you are like many people with several different styles and finishes in the bedroom you have two choices – a new set of furniture or taking what you have and making a cohesive setting.  If you do not like a piece of furniture in the room remove it. {[}]{[}]Next you want to choose a color palate… new bedroom linens are a great way to start.  Then pick a natural color for the walls that blend with the linens.  Carry the same colors into the window treatment and master bath.  Many stores carry coordinated matching linens with accessories that will make your bedroom have that same luxury feeling buyers are looking for.  Remember when your selling your home the items used to create a new look will go with youDressing Master Bedroom for Selling a House to your new homes.  If you have older un-matching furniture think about painting everything one color or covering  end tables with fabrics that compliment the bed linens.{[}]{[}]If the room is large enough create a sitting area with two chairs or a small sofa.  Area rugs are a great way to tie things together.  Place the furniture so the bed shows off the size of the room.  Remember to remove all personal photos and valuables.  Make sure there is adequate lighting in the room.  If you a have an older white ceiling fan with a light kit, you may want to paint the fan and remove the light kit unless you have high ceilings.  A few decorative items – artwork, baskets, books, plant arrangements – are a wonderful touch in the Master Bedroom. {[}]{[}]Remember a luxurious and calming retreat is what every home buyer wants the master bedroom to be.

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