Greenprints Alliance | Woodstock GA Park and Trail Program Approved

Woodstock GA Greenprints Alliance supports Woodstock parks and trailsWoodstock has taken another great step forward in assuring a better quality of life for its residents – with a huge assist from the Cherokee County Commissioners.  According to the AJC, the Commissioners recently approved an agreement with the city of Woodstock to fund up to $5 million for the “Greenprints” program.{[}]{[}]In June 2008, the Greenprints Alliance presented a parks and trails plan that Woodstock adopted and approved. Riders love the Greenprints Trail system in Woodstock GAGreenprints Alliance is a non-profit group formed to develop a city-wide parks and trail plan for Woodstock that would tie into a Cherokee County-wide trail system.  The proposed system would also eventually lead to trails in Cobb County and Roswell.{[}]

If you own a home in Woodstock or are looking at homes for sale in the area, think about supporting Greenprints Alliance!

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