Happy Homebuyers Close on Smyrna Townhome

“Hey Ben-
{[}]Thank you for your support and expertise during what could have been a stressful process!  I did receive the 10% off coupon for Lowe’s, we are working out a to do list to see where it can best be spent.  Once we get all moved in we would love for you to come by!
{[}]Take care and thanks again!
Smyrna first time homebuyer


Charles & Alicia”


Here’s some background that lead to the kind words you just read:

{[}]Had a young (compared to me) couple that called me recently, Charles and Alicia. We had sold Alicia’s sister a townhome in Smyrna a few years back and Shannon then recommended our services. As first time homebuyers they were like most in that they didn’t know how the process worked or what to expect. So we had an initial meeting to talk about their goals and the process. Afterwards we provided them with lender recommendations so that they could make sure that they had a pre-qualification letter in hand to present with any offers in this multiple-offer environment for homes.{[}]{[}]With a budget in mind, we then got started on the home search and we set up our search engines to send them homes daily within their budget. After going out to see homes a few times, we got very focused on a few neighborhoods and made an offer on a townhome in a multiple offer situation- our offer on the townhome you see was accepted. During the inspection period, our inspector found some minor things that we were able to get the seller to repair. And a few weeks later, we closed on the townhome- on Alicia’s birthday.{[}]{[}]At the end of the closing, Charles and Alicia got their keys and asked the attorney, “Is this it?”. Yes it was “it”, a very smooth closing that took just over an hour.  They don’t all go this way, but we work very hard behind the scenes to make sure that start to finish, your experience is as smooth as possible.{[}]{[}]{[}]

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