Highlands Ridge Smyrna – Another Happy Buyer

We recently had the pleasure of selling another home at Highlands Ridge, an active adult community, off the East West Connector in Smyrna to a lovely lady for New York City.  The purchaser was relocating to Atlanta to be near her daughter that lives in the area.  Location was very important and it took being resourceful to find the right location and property.  In fact, the home, was not on the market for sale and nothing was available in the community.  Having sold homes in the community in the past, we felt the purchaser would like the homes and the location was perfect. {[}]{[}]To find a home, we sent post cards to the residents, indicating we had a buyer client interested in community.Highlands Ridge Sold Home  One gentleman called about three weeks after sending the card.  He wanted to know did we really have buyer.  Explained about the client and in another three weeks, we were able to get the buyer client in the property.  Well you know the rest of the story, buyer and seller worked everything out.{[}]{[}]The buyer is now in her new home, near her daughter.  We are thrilled we were able to find the house, a ranch condo, with the features the buyer wanted in the right location.  Sometimes being creative and working a little harder pays off for everyone.  If we had not sent the post cards, this buyer and seller would never been put together.   We are always glad to go the extra mile for all our clients, either buyers or sellers. {[}]{[}] 

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