First Impressions When Selling Your Home

We all know first impressions are the most important….especially when selling your home.  You want buyers excited to be at your home and wanting to see more.  Since the front of your home is the first thing they see, what can you do to make that impression exceptional?staging your home in Metro Atlanta{[}]{[}]Start with the shrubs…are they pruned and attractive?  Is there fresh mulch or pine straw in the bed?  If anything is dead or dying remove.  Can a prospective owner see the front door from the street and driveway?  Do some shrubs or plantings need to be removed?{[}]{[}]The all important grass….mow and edge.  If the grass is thin put out a bag of seed and follow the directions for watering.  Do you need some sod?  Stop by a nursery and learn how easy it is to lay sod.  Even if the grass is dormant make sure it’s trimmed and neat.  Rakes the leaves and flower beds.  If you have statuary, will everyone love it?  The pink flamingos must go along with all school affiliations.  That buyer could have gone to your rival school so do not turn them off before they get in the door.{[}]{[}]Speaking of doors, is your clean and shining…remove the hardware and clean it.  Oil the hinges and be on the lookout for cobwebs.  Is the color inviting and welcoming?  Invest in a new door mat and some seasonal plants for color.  Remove the toys and personal items around your front door.  If you have a porch wash it, put out inviting pieces of furniture – rockers, bench, etc.  Add a few seasonal plants that blend with the front door plants.  Do the railings need a touch up of paint…it only takes a few minutes for those all important impressions.{[}]{[}]We believe spending time and a little money on that first impression will enhance your selling opportunities.  To maximize time and dollars we suggest asking family and friends to help.

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