Hope – We All Have It

This powerful word and display has been in the front yard of my dear friend Sara’s home in Louisiana since Christmas.  It was placed by an anonymous person and still burns now.  I have heard about it – how much it meant to 1780845_754121071274466_610199935_nfamily and friends and had seen this picture.  Over the weekend I saw it in person.  Immediately I hoped I could get through the day of visiting with my dearest friend of 55 years without breaking down since I knew this would be our last visit.{[}]

My friend is running the race of life strong and true – she has climbed the hills and more than a few mountains with dignity and grace, always focused on the end results.  The down hills are filled with laughter and love for all, since she NEVER met a stranger and ALWAYS stopped to chat making the journey long and joyful.  Her speed has slowed over the last few years but she nevertheless is always moving on.  The end is nearing in this race and she looks joyfully to the start of the next race. 


Godspeed, my friend.


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