Hot August Nights

As August and summer ends, we will miss hot August nights we are having.  As Active Adult experts, we suspect you might also remember that great album by Neil Diamond named Hot August Nights.

Recently I took the time to start listing to all the songs again.  All are familiar and some I could still sing along too.  If you have not experience the entire album in a awhile, suggest sitting back and enjoying.  I had forgotten the tremendous prologue to these wonderful songs.

So to go along with these iconic songs, some of our favorites here in Atlanta include:

  • All the great vegetables you can find a the local farmer’s market.
  • Overflowing planters with colorful flowers.
  • The excitement of the upcoming SEC and ACC football.
  • Butterfly bushes full of swallowtails and other butterflies.
  • Thunderstorms in late afternoon bring in cooler air and breezes.











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