Important Road Closing in Milton | Cogburn Road

Bridge Replacement in Milton

{[}]North Fulton commuters take note: Cogburn Road will close on May 19 to thru traffic between Webb Road on the south and Bethany Bend on the north.  Milton GA has announced that a bridge on that road is in need of replacement, thus necessitating the road closing. You’ll note on the accompanying map that the bridge is just north of St Francis High School.{[}]

Curious Timing?Milton GA road closing on Cogburn Rd

{[}]Though the work is needed, the timing is curious given that if the city had waited one more week, both St Francis and Kings Ridge would have finished their school year. However, good news is that the Elementary and Middle Schools to the south on Cogburn Road celebrate the end of school May 18, which probably explains the May 19 date.{[}]

Alternate Routes

{[}]Fortunately, both Hwy 9 to the east and Hopewell Road to the west run roughly parallel to Cogburn Road so the closing shouldn’t dramatically affect most commuters.  I confess though that I will miss one of my favorite “back roads” that I use when I want to avoid the traffic on Hwy 9 as I get groceries and run other errands near my home.{[}]

Other Road Improvements

{[}]Milton has identified the bridge replacement as the top priority from back in 2009 and according to the city, the work is timed to be ready for the opening of the new Cambridge High School in the fall, which will surely increase traffic on the road. The bridge will be replaced with an arched culvert, saving the city both time and money.  Please note that intersection improvements at the intersection of Cogburn Road and Bethany Bend will also occur during the summer in anticipation of the school opening.{[}]

New Road Coming?

{[}]One last note: though nothing official has been announced yet, city officials have been working on a plan to open a new fire and police station (and perhaps City Hall offices?) on Hwy 9 between Bethany Bend and Cogburn Road and are talking of putting in a new road adjacent to those offices which would also serve as a second route for Cambridge High School students and faculty. Let’s hope the road in particular comes to fruition sooner rather than later as I suspect the new school opening will cause more traffic congestion than most realize.  Ahh progress…

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