It’s a Great Time to Buy a Home….Holiday Sales

The holidays are coming and it’s a great time to buy a house!  You’ ve noticed all the ads on TV about sales, special buys, and incentives.  Well, those sales are not just for items in stores they also include homes for sale.  Builders want to clear their standing inventory – homes that are built and just standing waiting for a buyer – off their books before the end of the year.  Builders will discount those homes, included upgrades at no or little cost, and offer financing options.  This means you get the best deal. {[}]{[}]Foreclosure properties are also a great buy right now.  Banks do not want to hold property over the winter months and pay the utilities.  Banks want these properties off their books before the first of next year.  Again there is more negotiating power here.  Last November, a buyer client was able to negotiate $5000 in paid closing cost and a price reduction of $18,000 on a $200,000 home because she was willing on December 30 rather than January 5.{[}]{[}]Motivated home owners are also more flexible during the holidays.  Offer a lower price and close right after the first of the year.  As a purchaser you got a great price and the seller does not have to buyers coming through their home over the holidays.{[}]{[}]Start holiday shopping now and find that dream home.

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