Jimmy Buffett Tribute Band A1A Performs in Woodstock

The original and only official Jimmy Buffett tribute band A1A(named for the highway to Key West) performs tomorrow night as part{[}]{[}]Woodstock summer concert series{[}]{[}]of the Woodstock Summer Concert Series. If you are considering attending, be ready for family fun with all your Buffett favorites plus classic Reggae and original A1A tropical rock. The band is celebrating 20 years of touring and recently performed in the soundtrack to the Liongate movie “What to Expect When You’re Expecting”.{[}]{[}]All concerts in the Downtown Woodstock Summer Concert Series start at 7:30pm at Woodstock’s The Park at City Center. The concert and parking is free, no tickets required. Since there are no seats bring a lawn chair or blanket.

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