Milton Recognized Among America’s Safest Cities

Milton has been ranked the 39th safest city in the US by Neighborhood Scout. The real estate data company based their ranking on the FBI’s Uniform Crime Reporting Database evaluating cities with more than 25,000 residents. According to, Milton is one of three GA cities to make the Milton GA logo{[}]{[}]Milton Police Community Outreach Officer Ara Baronian commented on the report stating, “The Police Department strives to maintain high visibility in the community. Our uniform patrol division takes a proactive approach to keeping the city safe.” He said the Milton Police Department is continuously analyzing incident reports and crime data to determine what areas need additional focus.{[}]{[}]Additionally, officers are assigned 10 neighborhoods and 10 businesses daily to visit on top of their regular beat. The assignment requires that the officers go inside businesses and walk areas like neighborhood clubhouses.{[}]{[}]Because much of the city consists or estates, horse farms and subdivisions, the highest concentration of crime tends to be concentrated in the Windward commercial corridor, so the Police department does keep a close eye on this area.{[}]{[}]As a Milton resident, I can say I have always felt extremely safe anywhere in the city and appreciate the efforts of the Milton Police Department and vigilant citizens to make our city so safe.{[}]{[}] {[}]{[}] {[}]{[}] {[}]{[}] 

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