New Park & possible Dog Park coming to Woodstock GA

Woodstock GA may get dog parkWoodstock GA is getting closer to having a new park and its likely to have a portion of the park set aside as a dog park. According to the Cherokee Tribune, the Woodstock City Council earlier this week approved the purchase of the Walden Chase apartment complex.  The complex is in flood plain and has been flood three times in the last ten years, most recently during the massive flood of September 2009.Woodstock may have a new dog park{[}]{[}]According to Woodstock City Manager Jeff Moon, Woodstock will be paying $67,500 towards the purchase price, with the remainder of the costs being covered by federal and state grants, plus the complex owner’s flood insurance. Flood insurance came into play when the owners had to subtract the amount of insurance received from the total purchase price, leaving another $450,000 to be covered.{[}]{[}]Both Mayor Donnie Henriques and Councilwoman Tracy Collins commented on the viability of using part of the land for a dog park, which would be the first in Woodstock- there was also discussion about ultimately using the site as a trailhead to tie into the Greenprints Trail network.{[}]{[}]The location is ideal for use by Woodstock’s residents as it is on Dupree Road just south of downtown and west of Main Street.{[}]{[}] {[}]{[}]View Larger Map

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