New Rope Mill Road Intersection in Woodstock Opens

According to the Woodstock GA government website, the new and shifted Rope Mill Road has now opened at the I-575 Interchange at Ridgewalk Pkwy in Woodstock GAintersection of Ridgewalk Pkwy and Woodstock Pkwy. The road ends at Olde Rope Mill Park, which now has a new pedestrian bridge. Olde Rope Mill Park is part of the Greenprints trail system and boasts a large pavillion, outdoor grill, benches and hiking trails.{[}]{[}]Greenprints trail system at Olde Rope Mill Park in Woodstock GAWhile construction work continues on new sidewalks, pedestrians will soon be able to access Olde Rope Mill Park thru “feeder” sidewalks on both sides of the street. Also as part of the construction project, the road was shifted somewhat to make room for the exit ramp for the new I-575 Interchange at Ridgewalk Parkway. Also ongoing is work on the bridge, completion of the southbound exit retaining wall and the sound barrier wall, according to Project Manager Tal Harbor.{[}]{[}] 

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