RE/MAX again dominates Web search in real estate

According to Experian Hitwise, RE/MAX Real Estate ( was once again the top brokerage in rankings of the Internet’s most popular real estate websites. In April 2011, the most recent report available, ranked #15 for all sites searched for real estate and is again the #1 brokerage in the report. For search terms,  RE/MAX is #5 overall and once again the #1 brokerage.{[}]{[}]remax is #1 for home buyers and sellersThe results are not really surprising- RE/MAX is and has been the #1 real estate company worldwide and also has just celebrated its 35th anniversary. Additionally, RE/MAX agents are the most productive and experienced agents in the industry. Worldwide in 2010, RE/MAX agents averaged 13.1 transaction, ranking #1. The next highest average transactions per agent in the top ten was, 7.1 transactions; all others in the top ten averaged 50% less production or lower.  Wow! Think about whether you want to risk selling your home by working with a part-time or full-time agent.{[}]{[}]This is important for home sellers because if you’re working with a RE/MAX Realtor© (like us), your home will be on the top brokerage site searched by consumers. Additionally, we have the ability to “enhance” your home online with headlines and customized text so that it stands out from other homes – agents that are not with RE/MAX cannot enhance their sellers’ homes. And because of the worldwide recognition of the RE/MAX brand (we’re in 84 countries), home buyers worldwide are more likely to see (and buy) your home. Also, critically, once a home buyer contacts us about your home, that call or email will come straight to us instead of someone who is not knowledgeable about the details of your home.{[}]{[}]In summary, what we’re explaining to you with facts is that when you are making an important decision to buy or sell (or both), you should consider whether you want to work with part-time agent Aunt Betty or your college Buddy Joe who last sold used cars (no offense to either) or experienced agents (like us, yes a shameless plug) that have made real estate their career. You wouldn’t ask a mortician to do your heart bypass surgery, would you?{[}]{[}] 

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