RE/MAX Rated #1 JD Powers Survey of Buyers & Sellers

JD Power awards REMAX in real estateRE/MAX is #1 nationally in customer satisfaction for both Home Buyers and Home Sellers for real estate, according to survey results just released by J.D. Power and Associates (JDP). The widely recognized and respected JDP measures consumer satisfaction in numerous industries, this being the 4th year for real estate.{[}]{[}]Home Buyers were ranked in four areas: agent/salesperson, real estate company office, variety of additional services and overall satisfaction. RE/MAX scores in all areas gave our company the top overall score highlighted by great scores in agent/salesperson satisfaction.home buyers and sellers rank REMAX the top real estate company{[}]{[}]RE/MAX¬† also topped the Home Sellers satisfaction rankings, which covers five areas: agent/salesperson, real estate company office, variety of additional services, real estate company marketing and overall satisfaction. For Home Sellers, RE/MAX was the only brokerage to achieve an overall five star ranking. Again RE/MAX excelled in agent/salesperson satisfaction as rated by consumers.{[}]{[}]We’re obviously very proud to be associated with RE/MAX and believe that the J.D. Power and Associates survey reflects the knowledge and experience of our associates across the country. RE/MAX has for many years now been #1 in market share in Metro Atlanta as also reflected in this survey. We’ve been associated with RE/MAX for over a decade and love our new home at RE/MAX Around Atlanta, the #1 brokerage company in Metro Atlanta!{[}]{[}] {[}]{[}] 

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