Revive for Spring when Selling Your Home

Spring is in full bloom here in Atlanta with most trees green, blooming shrubs ablaze in color, and green grass on the way.  It is now time to take a look around your home if it is sale and see what needs to be refreshed in your Selling Your Woodstock Homehome for spring.  Start in the front…if your flowering bulbs have bloomed, remove and replace with summer plants, wash away the pollen on the porch, and add a nice planter near the front door.{[}]{[}]In the entry and formal areas, make sure all the holiday colors have been put away.  For the kitchen, how about some new dish towels or a live house plant.  Does the Master Bedroom/Suite need a refreshed feel?  Change heavy winter spreads or quilts with some lighter weight and color linens.  In the kids rooms and playroom change out some of the toys.{[}]{[}]Patio and porches should be dressed for seasonal use now…pull outSelling a Woodstock Home in the Spring the stored furniture and cushions.  Fill up the planters and flower beds around the patio and porch.  Also remember to sit out and enjoy your efforts.   All of these ideas will give your home for sale a fresh feeling.  After you are done, have new photos taken for marketing the home.  A picture of the front of the home with all the color of spring is a perfect accent for selling your home!

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