Selling an Active Adult Home

Selling your home in an Active Adult Community

Here are a few tips for selling your home when living in an Active Adult community.  As a seller, remember the pool of buyers is smaller and the buyer in many cases is a cash buyer and ready to move.

Little Things Count!

Tip #1 – Take care of the little things. Go ahead and repair things like dripping sinks, or windows with broken seals that are fogged, before putting the house on the market.  Active Adult buyers want to move and enjoy.  They do not want to make repairs on the home they are purchasing.

Tip #2 –  Have receipts out for the buyer.  Show the heating and cooling systems are in good working order.  Receipts for regular maintenance gives everyone a level on comfort.  If you have replaced some systems, even better.   Active Adult buyers worry about having to replace older systems because they probably have recently replaced them in their current home.

Make it Sparkle!

Tip #3 – Give your home a good cleaning.  Have a professional company clean your house and get that fresh set of eyes looking at everything.  Small things make a big difference.  Dust return vent to the HVAC.   Check for cobwebs on ceiling fans.

Tip #4 – Hire a REALTOR that understands the Active Adult lifestyle and homes. Someone that can explain what the HOA fees include.  The events going in the community.    Not all REALTORS understand the lifestyle and you want the expert.

Buyers looking at Active Adult homes and communities are generally more concerned about the bones of a home than with cosmetics – such as the roof and HVAC rather than paint and carpet.

Here is some advice if you are getting ready for your house to be shown. And we have numerous other articles about selling an Active Adult home.  If you are living in the North Metro Atlanta area and thinking of selling your home, whether or not it is in an Active Adult community, call us at 404-314-8129, we can help!

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