Selling Your Home This Spring Useful Tips

Thinking of selling your home this spring?  Here are a few things to know.  There are many buyers looking for Woodstock in the  Springhomes to purchase right now.  There are fewer homes for sale now than there has been in the last few years.  So how does this affect you as a seller?  If you price your home correctly and it is in good shape, it will sell quickly.{[}]{[}]Here are three things to do to sell your home this spring.{[}]


  • Price your home correctly.  Look at all the comparable homes in the area.  What did those properties sale for plus their size and condition?  Values are rising; however, lenders are stringent on appraisals.  If the property does not appraise, the buyer can walk away and you are back to square one.
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  • Clean, clean some more, then throw away.  Buyers want to see homes that shine.  Clean everything – if you do not have time, hire a cleaning crew to do the floors, windows and baths.  Have a friend help you clean the closets – sort clothes by colors in the closet and refold everything in the linen closet.  Think of those lovely stacks of towels or t-shirts at the store.  As for throwing away, if you have not worn clothes for two years – toss it.  Hate that hand me down chair – toss it!  Toys that are not played with, box them up or toss it.  Goodwill is a great place to drop off gently used items or maybe a consignment store.
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  • Buyers make instant decisions when they walk in the front door.  Was the first impression outside favorable?  Lawn mowed, shrubs trimmed, front door clean and the lock easy to open.  Can a buyer see living there?  Does the house feel inviting and warm?  All the clutter around the entry gone.  The lights are on.  No unpleasant noises or smells. Walk through each room of your home as if you have never been there and think of it as the entry to your home.  Make sure the buyers seeing your home will want to snap it up.
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{[}]While there are fewer homes for sale this spring, you still need to stand out if you want a quick sale for top dollar.{[}]{[}] {[}]{[}] 

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