Silo Park in Crabapple – Alpharetta GA

Blogged recently on the distinctive Silos in Crabapple and wondered aloud the history of the park.  alpharetta ga silo park at crabappleWell, I decided to take a closer look to investigate.  Silo Park is the name of the park as dedicated by the city of Alpharetta- there are three large “Silos” and a “Mini-Silo” which contacts historical photos of the area in the past.  The area is gated and nicely landscaped and contains a park bench- it makes for a serene location to sit and have a quiet lunch if you work in a nearby office.{[}]{[}]alpharetta ga silo park in crabappleIt turns out that the land was once part of Hughes Farm and there are photos of the farm and area laminated and framed inside the aforementioned mini-silo and is in the city of Alpharetta.  While I haven’t been able to confirm, I’m betting the original Hughes Farm was boundaried by Crabapple Rd and House Rd on the west, Mid-Broadwell Rd on the east, and Rucker Rd to the south.  Any Hughes family members out there to confirm or provide other interesting tidbits?  We’re always fascinated to learn about the past of our area and would love to hear from you or others with some history on the Silos.{[}]{[}] 

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  1. Bobby Hester

    Yes it was bordered by Crabapple Road. I’m 50 years old and I remember back to when I was a young boy spending the night at the farm and playing in the big barn and climbing the silos with my cousin. His grandparents Mr. And Mrs. Brooks ran the farm for the Hughes back then. The area was fairly rural back then.

    2 January, 2014
    • Kathy & Ben

      Bobby, Thanks for sharing about the Silos. Sure you and your cousin had a great times there playing, what wonderful experiences. Enjoy those memories.

      Ben and Kathy

      6 January, 2014
  2. Alan Brooks

    Wow just found this site looking up the silos randomly and yea that was my grandparents that ran it as well as my mother and father for many years. I have a lot of fond memories of this farm and the silos. We ran the farm and kept horses there and it was also a breeding farm where folks could bring their mares to deliver. So many memories. If you like and you still even monitor this page email Mae at I have a picture of my grandfather and I taken at the farm.

    21 August, 2018