Simple Tips for Moving to a Smaller Home

Simple Downsizing Tips

Moving is never simple and moving to a smaller home is even more of a challenge.  A few simple tips will take some of the stress out of the move when relocating to an Active Adult community.

First, start in a room you do not use everyday perhaps a guest room.  Decide what you must have at your new home; what can go to a worthy charity or find a new home; and what is worn out and needs to be retired.

Second, if you are downsizing remember you will not be able to take all your furniture.  We have found a good way to determine what to take is the sticky note furniture.  Get three colors of sticky notes…use one color for items that go to the house, one color for consignment or donation, one color for the item has seen a better day.  Remember you can change the sticky notes on the furniture.

Third, start early and work on making choices every day.  Some ways to say good bye to things you love….place useable furniture in a consignment store, heard about a family in need-share excess linens and kitchen items, find a local charity that will take useable items and help those in need.

Now you have a few simple tips to make your move more fun to that new Active Adult home.

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