Snow Days in Milton GA – Its a Winter Wonderland!

Milton – Alpharetta has had an unusual winter already – and we still have two months to go! First there was the snow on Christmas day – nice and unfortunately not too disruptive. Most residents were able to get out of their homes if necessary and the roads weren’t too bad.Winter wonderland near my home in Milton{[}]{[}]Now we’re dealing with snow today (some 6 inches and more in most areas) and forecasts are for ice to follow. Now you Northerners and Northern transplants may not think too much of this but true Southerners can’t drive in this kind of weather. The worst kind of Southerner is the one in denial who tries to drive anyway, then inevitably winds up in a ditch or worse.{[}]{[}]scenic view behind my home in MiltonHaving spent my entire in the South, mostly in Georgia, I too occasionally succumb to cabin fever and try to get out on the roads before they are really safe. But this time, I plan to monitor the Milton and Alpharetta city sites and the Atlanta news stations and will stay put unless there’s an emergency. Anyone needing to buy a home in metro Atlanta can surf for homes for sale until the roads get better.{[}]{[}]And I urge you to do the same – don’t wind up on the news because you’re off in a ditch!

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