Sparkling Baths When Selling Your Home Part 1

Selling your home….well you can not ignore the bathrooms because bathrooms sell homes so make the most ofBathrooms Sells Homes yours.  You know those television and magazine ads you see for bathrooms with sparkles and glimmers shining on the TV screen or paper…well that is the way a home buyer wants to see your bathrooms.   Plan a day to clean your bathrooms.  Purchase all the supplies you will need ahead of time…cleaners, brushes for scrubbing, grout for the tub and shower.{[}]{[}]So lets start with cleaning…clean every surface in the room – countertops, tiles, mirrors, light fixtures, shower doors, toilet and floors.  Use those scrub brushes to clean unsightly bathroom rings and the grout in the shower.  If you have a tile floor, it needs a good brush cleaning also.  If the grout is chipping – fix it (there are some great silicon grouts that are easy to use).  A clean fresh line of grout around a tub will make a buyers eyes sparkles.  Clean all the soap scum off the shower doors and mirror.  Remember, you set aside a day to do this, so keep moving.  Polish the hardware in the bath so it shimmers.  Are all the light bulbs working?  Does anything drip?  Step back and see what you have accomplished and feel proud.{[}]{[}]Now it’s time to decide what to leave out for buyers to see in your bathroom.  No one wants to see your personal items so toothbrushes, cosmetics and shavers need to be neatly put away.  Remember buyers open cabinets to see the amount of storage.  Clean the linen closet- those old towels you saved just in case: well it’s a great time to get rid of them.  Neatly fold every item in the linen closet and arrange by colors.  If the closet is overfull, edit so a home buyer can see there is storage.  Wash the curtains and any area rugs…if they are looking worn meaning over 6 months old you may want to replace.  The same can be said for shower curtains and liners.  Your goal is sparkle and shine.

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