Spicing Up the Kitchen When Selling Your Home

Putting your home on the market is always a time to think about how to show off all the assets.  Homebuyers always focus on the kitchen, so staging your kitchen is very important.  First, think of sparkle and shine.  Clean and polish everything…cabinets, countertops, handles, floors.  After cleaning  and polishing, with a critical eye, decide what needs to home staging to sell in the kitchenbe removed or replaced.  Do you have dull brass pulls on the cabinets?  It may be time to update!  If  grout or caulk is discolored or chipping, redo it.  If the countertops are worn…think about replacing them.  There are many countertops that are reasonably priced.{[}]{[}]Clean the pantry- put similar items together and line up everything neatly and aim to eliminate at least 15%.  You want a buyer to see there is plenty of space. Homebuyers are looking for counter space and cabinets.  Removing your countertop appliances and using a few decorative items on the countertop, such as fresh fruit or colorful ceramics, will show off all the space.  Clean the cabinets and discard items you do not use.   After the countertops, you need to take a good look at the flooring.  If you have a 20-year-old home with 20-year-old vinyl, it’s time to make a change.  Does wood or tile go with the rest of the home?{[}]{[}]Remember homebuyers want to move in and enjoy.  You may want to add some of the new under cabinet lighting for effect.  Also make sure all the light bulbs are working in any lights. The last place to spruce in your kitchen is the eating area.  Polish the table and chairs so the wood gleams.  Make sure there is walkway in the kitchen and the table chairs do not hinder movement.  Would a rug under the table create a warm cozy feel and color?  Take a day or two to spruce the kitchen when your home is for sale- homebuyers will appreciate your efforts and find the home more appealing.{[}]{[}]Read these posts for more on selling your home: {[}]{[}]Part 1 – First Impressions {[}]{[}]Part 2 – From the Front Door

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