From the Front Door When Selling Your Home

Did you know that most prospective buyers decide within 30 seconds of entering a home if the home will work for them?  By using your senses, make sure those first impressions are positive.   The first sense is smell- does your home smell fresh and clean or like last night’s dinner?  If you have pets, are the litter boxes and dog beds far away from the front door and clean?  Today there are many good products that remove odors, so take advantage of them.  Add a well placed lightly-scented candle near the front door.  Some people are allergic to the oils in some of the newer plug-in type air fresheners, so you may not want to use them.Entrance when staging your home to sell{[}]{[}]The second sense is sound- Make sure TVs are off.  Put away the toys that make distracting sounds while the home is for sale.  Ask the kids to keep their music low while the house is being showfoyer of staged homen.  Soft instrumental music is a nice back drop while looking at a home.{[}]{[}]The third sense is sight-  Make sure rooms are well lit and appealing.  Is there a focal point when someone comes into your home that is appealing?  Perhaps place a piece of art or interesting furniture piece where your eye goes when walking in.  Remove clutter and dated items – blues and mauve were popular in the 80s.  If there is a piece of furniture you have been meaning to dispose of, now is the time.  Add a new neutral rug at the front door so buyers can wipe their feet.{[}]{[}]In the first few minutes in your home, you want someone to feel at home and have a positive impression.  Take the time to make those little changes that will excite the buyer and make them feel at home.  When you’re selling your home, you have to put aside your likes and dislikes and make your home buyer friendly.

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