Technology Updates When Selling Your House

Selling a House with TechnologyWhen selling your home you may want to think about technology and how a home buyer sees your home.  Take a look around your home are the televisions big bulky objects or flat screen?  Do you have charging cords on the kitchen counters?  Are there iPods in your home?  Now is the time to make your home technology friendly.{[}]{[}]First  review the TVs are you taking what you have to the new home or thinking about replacing?  You may want to replace those large bulky TVs now to show off space.  Many of those large TV cabinets overpower a room and do not show off the room to its best advantage.  If you have already replaced some of your TVs with flat screens, think about leaving the one over the mantel in the Great Room as a buying incentive.  You can probably replace that TV for less money and more features than when you purchased it.{[}]{[}]Do you have stereos and computers that are not used anymore out?  Remove all the electronics you do not use including all the unsightly electrical cables and cords.  If  your home has gone wireless, show it off.  Make sure you have disassembled all those modem and router boxes.  Make your home office as free as possible of old unused technology.{[}]{[}]Do you use remotes for ceiling fans and lights?  Make sure they are out so homebuyers can see how easy it is to turn on the ceiling fan in the two-story room.  In the kitchen, clean off the cabinets so everyone can see all the electrical outlets that are available.  If you have a kitchen desk, it’s a great place for your iPod stand to show how convenient charging will be.{[}]{[}]As we all know technology is constantly changing, so walk through your home and see how you can show off the technology in your home to best of your ability.

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