The Eagles Have Landed

One of our favorite winter activities is watching the Berry College eagle camera.  Ma Berry has laid two eggs during the last week and is keeping the nest nice an warm for this years eggs.  Pa Berry is a good provider bring an assortment of food for mom and taking turns on the nest.  If you are not familiar with this wonderful couple, click in to meet them.  This is our third winter on eagle watch and always find it interesting…..who’s on the nest, learning the difference in mom and dad, how’s the weather.

Eagle camera link.

Now if you enjoy watching the live camera, you may want visit Berry College to see the nest and eagles.  The nest is located on the heart of the campus adjacent to a parking lot.   You see lawn chairs and brown bag lunches on a nice day during eagle season.   It’s a great day trip since you will be visiting one of the best campus in the world.  The original campus building are from the 1920s with stone construction and Gothic look.  Those buildings are still used today and there is plenty on new buildings being added to the campus.  You will find the history of the school interesting.  The farm on campus to provide jobs, food, and education.  In addition to the eagles, deer roam the campus what a beautiful sight.

If you visit on February 6, stop by the softball field.  It’s opening day for the ladies and I will be a proud grandmother in the stands rooting for the Vikings.


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