Third Step to Buying a Home in Metro Atlanta

Time to Make a Few Decisions

{[}]Now you know how much mortgage you can qualify for and have a REALTOR, it’s time to make a few decisions about the home you want. However first go back to the mortgage – what you qualify for and what you are comfortable with are two different things. If you purchase at the top of what you qualify for will you have money left over for savings, emergencies, and/or vacations? Is it prudent to purchase a home where you are comfortable with the mortgage payment? These are things you need to think about and your REALTOR is a wonderful sounding board.{[}]

Where You Want to Live

{[}]Once you have determined what a comfortable payment is, think about where you want to live. Do you have an area of the city where you want to live, a town, or some subdivisions? Things to consider in location are commute time, job stability, and other regular activities you and your family are involved in. Your REALTOR can offer insight in to locations that will work for you and your family.{[}]

What You Need In a Home

{[}]After deciding on a price and location, have you established what you need in a home – will a 3 bedroom home with a basement work or do you really need that 4th bedroom? Are you willing to pay a little more for a home with stainless steel appliances? Do you want newer or older homes? Remember if you are purchasing your first home and maybe even your second home, you may need to comprise on what is important. Again your REALTOR can help you determine what works best for your budget.{[}]

Identifying Properties

{[}]Next go online and identify properties that seem to be fits for you, take an afternoon and go on a driving tour. See what’s available in your price range and explore neighborhoods. Now that you know what you want to spend and what you want in a house it’s time to contact  your REALTOR and look at homes.

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