Tough Sale When You Smell – Food Odors to Avoid

Recently we wrote about the issues facing smokers when selling their homes. Now let’s tackle another common odor issue facing homesellers.{[}]

Don’t “Wok” This Way

{[}] {[}]{[}]So let’s assume for a moment that you have your home in tip-top shape to show prospective homebuyers. And your hard work has paid off with two showings the first day on the market. You decide to cook your favorite stir-fry. Stop! Assume that any fragrant meal will have odors that linger for hours at best or a day or so at worst. Unfortunately, our noses adapt to the smells in our home so you have to be extra vigilant about what you cook and make sure that there are no “stale” food odors lingering during your home’s showings. Food that smells good to you while cooking it does not smell good to the “outsider” walking thru your home the next day. Believe it or not, even scrambled eggs and sausage or bacon do not leave a good odor.{[}]{[}]So, what’s our best advice? With the warm weather, you can grill out, but watch out for fish dishes in terms of either eating inside or having leftover garbage inside. Cereal and oatmeal are safe bets for breakfast; sandwiches and salads generally safe for lunch and dinner; cooking most vegetables can be safe, but asparagus and broccoli can be problematic. And swear off the spices such as garlic, curry, ginger and chiles.{[}]

No Cover Up

{[}] {[}]{[}]What about candles, sprays, potpourri or plug-ins to hide your cooking smells? Be very careful here. Most homebuyers catch on if you use a heavy hand to disguise smells and will even wonder if you are hiding something more sinister, such as mold. Confession time here: I used to think that having the great smell of freshly baked cookies laid out for homebuyers to be a very cheesy and transparent ploy. But I can tell you, as an agent that regularly shows 8 to 12 homes during a buying trip, homebuyers will jump on your chocolate chip cookies and bottled water. And in general will remember your home more so than others if it meets their shopping criteria.{[}]

The Bottom Line

{[}] {[}]{[}]Selling your home requires some sacrifice, whether it be keeping your home picked up, declaring your favorite foods off-limits or even shipping your kids and/or pets off to friends or relatives during your time on market. But look at the big picture, if you need to move, you want to sell quickly and make the most money possible. So suffer the short-term pain and get your home sold!{[}]{[}]Look for future posts regarding pet odors and smells to eliminate in certain parts of the home.{[}]{[}] {[}]{[}] {[}]{[}] {[}]{[}] 

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