Recommendations for Selling Your Home in the Fall

Fall  will be arriving here in Atlanta soon.  If you have your home for sale, here are a few recommendations for presenting your home to homebuyers.{[}]{[}]1.  Do not over do the Halloween factor.  Keep it to a minimum, a few pumpkins is all you need when selling your home.  Thanksgiving items are more acceptable and welcome.{[}]{[}]2.  Remove all the summer plants that have seen a better day.  Yes, some will last till the first frost, however they need to go.  Plant some pansies and other winter greenery.{[}]{[}]3.  The days are getting shorter and more overcast.   Leave some lamps on when you leave during showings, giving your home a welcoming feeling.  Also change the light bulbs to warm colors versus bright lights.   Since you want as much light coming in as possible, give the windows a good cleaning also.{[}]{[}]4.  Leaves….all the color on the trees is fabulous.  On your yard not so great.  You need to rake often and make sure the driveway and sidewalks are clean.  Think of it as an investment in your home.{[}]{[}]Fall is a time of transition, so take a few minutes to rethink the selling of your home and you’ll profit from the time spent!

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