Use Patios and Decks to Create Outdoor Living Space when Selling a House

Spring came a little late this year; however, summer is just around the corner.  Now is the time to spruce up those Outdoor Rooms For Selling a Homeoutdoor areas if you are selling your home.  The first item should be a good cleaning so all the spring pollen is washed away.  Hose down everything including all the furniture – remember you want to get rid of the yellow pollen.  If you have a concrete patio, does it need a pressure washing; same for wood decks?  Remove all the spider webs and dead leaves.{[}]{[}]Now that everything is clean, take a look at the deck or patio with a critical eye…what is broken and needs to be repaired.  Does the deck need a fresh coat of stain?   Does the patio gate need to be repaired so that it opens easily and a buyer can walk into the backyard?  If there are outdoor stairs, are they safe to navigate?  Take an afternoon to spruce up those items a homebuyer could find as an objection.  You will find it worth your time.  Remember you want to create a setting inviting and warm for homebuyers.  A place where they can relax, maybe have a leisurely week-end breakfast.{[}]{[}]Nowadays, you need to show a home buyer the possibilities your deck or patio can offer.  It needs to be more than a few chairs for relaxation.  If you have a nice grill, can you create a serving area or dining area? It does not have to be done with expensive outdoor furniture.  What do you have that can be used…an old small metal filing cabinet near a grill could be storage and a work space.  A couple of cans of metal paint will give that filing cabinet new life.  Create a comfortable sitting area…with new cushions for color.  Add some decorative items, maybe a water feature.  Planters are a great way to show off the space and add color also.  Before going to the garden store, think about where you want to put  planters and how much sun they will get and shop accordingly.  If you can do some hanging baskets, they will another dimension and height to the space.  Now that your patio or deck is ready for selling your home, homebuyers will be able to see their family enjoying the space this summer!

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