What is Your Home Office Really? Selling a House

Does your home for sale have a home office? Is it a room that originally had another purpose? Selling a Home with Home OfficeToday many homeowners want and require a home office because they work from home or telecommute several days a week. If you have a home office let’s think about the original purpose and location of the room so as a seller you can maximize the value of the room.{[}]{[}]First have you used the formal Living Room or Dining Room as the home office? To maximize the value leave the Dining Room as a Dining Room and use the Living Room as the office. Since these rooms are off the entry in most homes having a home office that includes a set of office furniture with a more formal feel is Staging a Home Office when Selling a Houseimportant. You want to remind purchasers there is a Living Room if they want or need one. French doors are a great way to show off and hide the space.{[}]{[}]If a bedroom has been used as a home office will it confuse a potential purchaser of the number of bedrooms in the home? Try to minimize the office area and look plus add a day bed or futon so buyers know it is the fourth bedroom.{[}]{[}]If you’re using your Great Room as a home office, you probably need to take the office out and use this room for it’s intended purpose. Only when these rooms are really large and segmented can you have the Great Room serve a dual purpose, but more than likely you are giving the potential buyer the indication that your home is too small for their needs if you cram an “office” into a corner of the Great Room.{[}]{[}]Wherever the home office is remember you need to show off the room and space to potential buyers. Put away as much as possible. Box up old files, store excess materials and file cabinets. Do not forget about all those unsightly cables and cords. Find a way to hide them. It may be a good time to invest in a wireless system for printers and computers. DO NOT leave important or private information out. Turn off computers when the property is being shown. The most important thing is eliminate, then eliminate some more{[}]{[}]Follow these tips and make your home office an asset when selling your home!

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